aniva® Plus

The aniva® Plus Series is a highly pigmented ink type and an indispensable component of the aniva® system. This is a standardisation system in the offset area with a considerably extended color space. It is mineral oil-free, duct fresh and formulated based on renewable raw materials.

ICC profiles as well as color tone and color strength of the printing inks are attuned to one another. The aniva® inks are printed with new standard density values (→ Black 2.4, Cyan 1.9, Magenta 1.8 and Yellow 1.7).

This ink series fulfills following criteria:

  • Cobalt-free
  • Suitable for all types of perfecting machines
  • Suitable for absorbent substrates
  • Superb printability and runability
  • Very good rub resistance
  • Medium setting
  • Superb ink/water balance
  • Fast post processig
  • Not recommended for printing on food packaging

Splňuje požadavky ISO 2846 a ISO 12647-2 a dosahuje neutrálního vyvážení šedé s odpovídajícím rozsahem tónů.