Fluorescentní barvy

Fluorescent inks have the same properties as normal sheetfed offset inks with additional glowing properties. Under normal daylight, the printing products have a glowing effect.

The fluorescent properties are achieved by the usage of special pigments which, however, show considerably lower fastnesses than conventional pigments. In practice, this means that the fluorescent effect during daylight is only temporary and the printing products should not be exposed to sun light. The fluorescent inks have no fastness properties and are not resistant to spirit and pyroxylin varnish. If printing products produced with fluorescent inks are to be print finished (foil laminating, dispersion and UV varnishing), colour shade changes might occur due to missing fastness properties. Therefore preliminary tests are necessary.

Fluorescent inks are to be processed like common sheetfed offset inks. Special image editing is not necessary.

Fluorescent inks are available with the following settings:

Offset conventional:

Číslo produktu Odstín
85801 Pantone 801
85802 Pantone 802
85803 Pantone 803
85804 Pantone 804
85805 Pantone 805
85806 Pantone 806
85807 Pantone 807
85808 Pantone 808
85809 Pantone 809
85810 Pantone 810
85811 Pantone 811
85812 Pantone 812
85813 Pantone 813
85814 Pantone 814

Additional fluorescent inks conventional Offset:

94036: Luna Gelb

93496: Corona Rot